Basic Data

Far far away, in the Beta Quadrant of the Galaxy, at the tip of the Perseus Arm, lays the bright star of AC-1415; and near that star, approximately 40,000 light years from Earth, orbits a planet known as Salsola. Where the people celebrate a New Year every 62,050 earth days (or 170 earth years), and where a day runs on 17 earth hours. A planet 350% the size of Earth (as in, you could fit 51 Earth’s in Salsola and still have a bit of space left), and where gravity is 15 times stronger than that on earth. Salsola is the planet where there are trees of every kind, of every height and of every color.  A planet whose people are stuck to their roots of past tradition, culture, language and more; whose people are as kind and as joyful as a ray of moonlight in a cold, dark night. A place where only the government and the army have access to technology, but to which the people do not mind, as they are happy as can be with their close relationship to nature. A planet where vibes are all positive and full of happiness, and where negativity is not concurrent. Where there is a single king and queen who treat all their people with respect, cordiality and fairness. A planet where all creatures, big and small, all get along with each other and the native people. Salsola, a planet I have fallen in love with, and everyone who ever visits it will, as well.